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Everything You Need to Know About Implant Longevity

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If you have missing teeth or are at risk of losing any teeth, your dentist or periodontist may have mentioned dental implants to you. Dental implants are considered to be the gold standard solution for tooth replacement as they mimic the same function and appearance of natural teeth and are permanently placed into your jaw. Yes, permanently! With proper care, you can expect your dental implants to last a lifetime, and when placed by an expert periodontist like Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche in Leesburg, VA, dental implants are an easy solution to giving you back oral health.

Why Do Dental Implants Last So Long?
The secret to success for dental implants is that they are securely placed into your jaw bone and actually integrate with that bone. The biocompatible titanium material that implants are made from allows the bone to fuse naturally to the implant post, just as if it was a natural tooth. When this happens, your implant will be held in place as securely as a regular tooth! The implant post also stimulates the surrounding jaw bone, so it retains proper volume and keeps holding the dental implant in place.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Implant Healthy
Proper care is necessary for your dental implant to last the rest of your life. It is important to continue brushing and flossing your implants and natural teeth just as normal. While a dental crown is resistant to decay, bacteria can still affect the gums and bone supporting an implant. Routine dental visits are also key to implant health. Seeing your dentist or periodontist every six months will ensure that your oral health stays in peak condition and any concerns for your implants are noticed ahead of time when they can be easily corrected.

The Factors That Can Lead to Implant Failure
While a dental implant is the best solution for replacing missing teeth, if you don’t take care of them or they are improperly placed, they can fail. Gum disease or poor oral health can affect the bone and soft tissues surrounding an implant and lead to failure. Additionally, oral trauma like an accident can knock an implant out just as a normal tooth. And just like a normal tooth, any preexisting medical conditions can put you at risk of implant failure. Speak to your dentist or periodontist to find out if you have any concerns that could impact your implant longevity.

Want to Replace Your Missing Teeth?
Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kharmouche today to discuss if dental implants in Leesburg, VA are a solution to your tooth loss needs! Appointments can be made by calling 571-918-9634.

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