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Gum Recession and the Importance of Treatment

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Gum Recession 
If you feel as though you are experiencing gum recession, then it’s important you seek care from a trained dental professional as soon as possible. This is mainly because gum recession symptoms can often be subtle and difficult to detect at home. Also, gum recession is a major warning sign that you may be in the beginning stages of gum disease. Scheduling an appointment with your dentist will give them the opportunity to conduct a thorough examination and give you a proper diagnosis as well as gum recession treatment if needed. Your oral health is connected to your overall health so it’s important to be sure to maintain your oral health. A big part of this is having regular dental visits and exams.

What Is Gum Recession?
Gum recession is the process that occurs when the soft tissue of your gums begins to separate from your teeth and slowly recede. When this recession occurs it then leaves the roots of your gums overexposed. As a result, you may develop gingivitis as a result of bacteria developing in the exposed areas of your mouth. There are issues that can occur in relation to gum recession learn more below:

What Are the Issues Connected With Recession?
There are quite a few issues connected to gum recession because when your gums begin to recede this can put you at risk to develop more complications. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Sensitivity
  • Loose teeth
  • Lost teeth
  • Increased risk of root decay
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums

In addition to these problems your gum recession can also increase your risk of developing other diseases and problems in your teeth and gums.

Why Is Treatment Important?
The main reason why gum recession treatment is important is because if it is left untreated the bacteria within your mouth can then spread through your bloodstream to the rest of your body causing other systemic diseases. This is because your oral health is connected to your overall health.

Make an Appointment Today
When it comes to gum recession it’s best to be proactive and make your dental appointment sooner rather than later. The sooner gum recession is examined and treated the easier it will be for all of the negative symptoms associated with gum recession to be reversed. The treatment of gum disease is important so please make your appointment with us today so that you can receive a consultation as well as an examination by our trained dentist.

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