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How Can Gum Recession Be Treated In Leesburg, VA?

an image of a lower arch of teeth and gums that need a gum recession treatment.

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Gum recession is one of the more common concerns that adult patients talk about with their doctors. When left untreated, gum recession can lead to heightened tooth sensitivity, an uneven smile, and even more serious health problems like loose or failing teeth. However, it is possible for doctors to treat gum recession in Leesburg, VA.

Why Does Gum Recession Occur?

When patient’s see their doctor about their gum recession, the doctor will usually try to determine the cause of their condition. Gum recession causes can be very specific to every individual. When a patient knows why their gum recession has started, it may indicate the right treatment methods they should use.

Some of the biggest reasons for gum recession include:

Gum Disease: 

Unmanaged gum disease causes bacteria to grow in the mouth. As the bacteria destroy gum tissues, their presence leads to larger and larger areas of gum recession.

Improper Brushing: 

The way that a person brushes their teeth can create the perfect environment for receding gums. Aggressive brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush irritates the gums, leaving them unable to remain attached and healthy.


Many pregnant women experience gum recession due to fluctuations in their hormone levels.


Sometimes, gum recession is simply an inherited trait. 

Tooth Grinding: 

Tooth grinding is not just hard on the flat surfaces of a patient’s teeth. It is hard on their gums as well. Tooth grinding and gum recession can therefore accompany one another.

Treatments For Patients With Gum Recession In Leesburg, VA

Once an experienced doctor has a good idea of why a patient has gum recession, they can go over the ways the problems can be reversed.

Solve Untreated Conditions:

If a patient’s gum recession comes from gum disease or tooth grinding, their doctor will want to treat those conditions first. By treating those conditions, patients can lower their chance of experiencing further or more excessive gum recession symptom’s.

Pocket Depth Reduction:

A popular way to treat gum recession is by reducing the depth of the periodontal pockets between the patient’s teeth and gums. This is done by exposing the pocket during a safe, comfortable treatment. Bacteria and unhealthy, damaged tissues are removed from the pocket. The pocket is then restored to its normal shape.

Tissue Regeneration:

After a pocket depth reduction, the doctor may want to place a regenerative material in and around the newly treated pocket. The regenerative material encourages bone and tissue to regrow.

Soft Tissue Grafting:

In situations of significant gum recession, soft tissue grafting may be a predictable way to build up new, healthy gums. Soft tissue is taken from another part of a patients mouth and attached to the recession site. After the site heals, the gums will form a natural line and protect the teeth and bone.

We Can Treat Your Gum Recession

Living with gum recession can be uncomfortable, not to mention compromise your overall oral and systemic health. If you notice signs of receding gums, speak with our highly trained doctor.

Get in contact with Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, Dr. Justin HardisonDr. Alka Panwar, Dr. Sanaz Vahid, and Dr. Yousuf Al-Aboosi at our NOVA Perio Specialists-Periodontics and Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today! Any of our team can help you arrange an appointment with one of our trusted, highly credentialed doctors.

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