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How Dental Implants Secure Your Dentures

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If you’ve been living with dentures for many years, you may have experienced a change in how they fit. Now, they feel loose, making it difficult to eat and speak without discomfort or worry your teeth might slip or fall out. Giving your denture support with dental implants in Leesburg, VA is a great way to minimize these common problems. Periodontist Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche discusses the benefits of implant supported dentures:

Denture Stability

Dental implants are secured in the jawbone and function similarly to natural tooth roots. When a denture attaches to these posts, it becomes significantly more stable. Often, pastes and adhesives aren’t needed to keep the denture in place. This stability improves the function of dentures, so you can eat a greater variety of foods. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your denture will not slip or fall out when you least expect. Though you’ll still need to remove your dentures each night for cleaning, you won’t need to bother with pastes or adhesives any longer.

Bone Preservation

Dentures do not address bone loss that occurs without natural teeth. Over time, even with a denture in place, the jaw will shrink and prematurely age your appearance. Just like natural tooth roots, dental implants also stimulate your jawbone each time you bite and chew. This stimulation keeps the bone active, so it doesn’t continue to resorb. With dental implants and dentures, more of your natural facial shape can be retained as well.

Improved Health

Implant supported dentures give your mouth the strength and function to expand your food choices. Eating a well-balanced diet not only boosts your physical health and immune system but gives you better oral health as well. An improvement in how you feel can ultimately improve your self-esteem, too. You’ll have the confidence to socialize with others and the health you need to remain active and strong for years to come.

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