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Patient Testimonials

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“A simple thank you to champion in your field:

Without any reservation, I would highly recommend Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche to any new patient or Partnering Dental Clinic. Most probably like me you will know that he is “the man of the hour” if you will, as soon as you meet him. More specifically, you will feel safe with him and you can completely trust him – and or any of his staff.

I gotta tell you that as a child, I had a bad experience with a male dentist and since then I have had reservations about them and have only been treated by female dentists. Dr. “K” as I call him, has restored my faith.

He is very personable, even offered me some food prior to the crown lengthening because I would not be able to chew very well afterwards. I never saw someone make something so serious look so easy. I was never scared, not even for one minute. He is like All State Insurance, you are in good hands.

Oh, and before I forget, he was the most reasonably priced Periodontist that I consulted with which was great since I had so much money tied up in tooth number 14. I will never forget Dr. K as long as I live. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar and his staff, they are the best too.

My only wish is that there would be more professionals out there with half as much swagger like Mick Jagger as Dr. K.”

-Michael Zollner, Price William County (October 2011)
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“Dear Dr. Kharmouche,

I want to thank you for all you have done for me over the past year and a half. I called your office in horrible pain in January 2010, with no referral except articles I read about you on the Internet. You kindly agreed to see me that day at closing time since you were already booked full. You took the time to talk to me, determine my problem and quickly started me on my way to recovery.

Because I refused to go back to my dentist, you asked me about previous dentists I’d used, giving me a recommendation to go back to one I was only able to use for a short while due to an insurance change. It was very good advice as I am very happy with them as well.

I rarely write a testimonial on a business or person, but you have just shown such kindness to me. Your staff is wonderful, always pleasant and I never have to wait, they are always ready for me. Even when I just get a cleaning you always check on me and if you think I’m not improving enough, you direct me in some way so that I can have better gums.

I know as much as I do I’ll still always have problems, but at least I know that as long as I have you to keep an eye on me, I’ll never be in pain again.”

-Sincerely, Bonnie Little
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“Dr. Dr. Kharmouche,

I want to thank you for the greatest dental work you completed on me in March and April of this year. I was very comfortable with you from the onset, during the gum surgery, and when you later referred me to a specialist for the caps. I experienced absolutely no anxiety about the referral. I trusted you completely, and this made the entire process very bearable.

Dr. Kharmouche, you truly have a gift for making people at ease with you. Your professionalism, your knowledge, your desire for perfection in your work, and especially your “bedside manner” are all qualities that you exhibited throughout my treatment, and I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge those things.

Thank you again, Dr. Kharmouche. I appreciate everything you’d id, and will certainly recommend you to anyone with whom I come in contact who needs an excellent periodontist.”

-Sincerely, Ruth King - Cc / Dean of VCU Dentistry
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“Dr. Kharmouche is the best periodontist I visited! My procedure was expertly done and virtually painless. Dr. Kharmouche’s skill, his use of new technology and his warm comfortable office environment made all the difference, I will definitely return to Dr. Kharmouche for further procedures.”

-L. Emeish
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“I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered Dr. K., as I affectionally call him. I believe he saw my case as a challenge. I had lost my teeth at age 17 and had worn dentures since then… more than 43 years. I was experiencing severe bone resorbtion but hoped that I had many more years to live and enjoy our grandchildren. I knew implants were my only course of treatment. It’s been a long process because of the condition of my bone ridges but Dr. K. has been my savior! His knowledge of the process is incredible. He is patient, sincere, compassionate – he treats the condition but cares about you as a person. I would recommend Dr. K. unconditionally.”

-P. Cosens
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“When I arrived the office was clean and the personnel were friendly. He personally came into the waiting room to greet me with a handshake and a smile. At first I found this to be strange. No other dentist had come out to make me feel important before! We had a warm and light hearted consultation. I laughed, he joked and I was comfortable from the first moment. Since that time he has performed my extraction and implant with ease. There was only a slight bit of discomfort in the healing process. He on the other hand was calling to make sure everything was fine. I thought it was amazing that he would call personally and not his secretary. So in closing, thanks so much for all the TLC. I will tell all my friends what a wonderful experience I had at your office. Don’t change a thing!”

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“I met Dr. Kharmouche two years ago after other recommended Periodontists essentially told me there is nothing more they could do for my advanced case of periodontal disease. After a thorough history of my past treatment, a review of all my x-rays, Dr. Kharmouche set up a new treatment plan, and performed procedures not previously done. Today, I’m pleased to say I still have all my teeth.

I find Dr. Kharmouche to be a true professional, caring and devoted to providing the newest and most advanced care possible. He is definitely a person who takes pride in his work. His dedication and commitment to you the patient is felt the moment you meet him. After an office visit, I have a feeling of confidence that I have received the best care possible.”

-E. Kline

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