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Signs That You Have Dental Anxiety

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When you put off going to the dentist, is it from fear or dislike? It is common to dread going to the dentist, but for some people, it is much more than simply dislike. It is full blown dental anxiety. For those patients, Nova Perio Specialists provides sedation dentistry in Sterling, VA. Learn more about this disorder to see if you might qualify for special assistance for dental procedures.

More Than Dread

For those with a phobia or dental anxiety, their feelings are more than simply an unwillingness to find time for an appointment. It can actually lead to physical problems that interfere with their ability to get proper treatment. Some signs that your dislike of the dentist is much more than dread include:

• Panic attacks
• Inability to breathe during an exam
• Feeling ill just thinking of going to a dentist
• Difficulties sleeping before an appointment

These feelings might stem from anticipation or fear of pain or the side effects of anesthetics. Others might become anxious due to feeling no longer in control. Simple embarrassment might also lead to excess anxiety over a visit.

Helping Ease Anxiety

Many people experience some form of anxiety or fear connected with the dentist. That should not stop you from getting the treatment you need, whether regular cleanings and screening or more comprehensive services. Talking with your dentist about your emotional state is an important component of finding ways to get treatment. Many doctors now offer sedation dentistry, which administers some sedation to relax you. Most patients just need a mild sedative in order to feel more relaxed. It can also help those who:

• Have a sensitive gag reflex
• Feel pain intensely
• Have a fear of needles
• Whose teeth are sensitive

Get Help Today

It is not too late to start a solid dental hygiene routine and get help for any oral issues. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with the NOVA Perio Specialists and discuss the possibility of using sedatives to relax during your treatment.

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