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The Dangerous Relation Between Gum Disease and Diabetes

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Periodontal disease is something that everyone should avoid. However, if you are a diabetic, this ailment can cause much greater health problems than it does for other patients. Gum disease results from excessive bacteria and building plaque in the mouth, and poorly regulated blood sugar can easily lead to both of those problems. With treatment from Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, you can fight this terrible disease and improve your overall dental health.

 Preventative Care  

As with all health issues, prevention is the best form of treatment. Gum health relies heavily on a person’s ability to keep his or her mouth clean, and that can be much more difficult for someone who suffers from diabetes. There are several reasons for this, including:

●        Thickening of the blood cells
●        Sugar-related bacteria growth
●        Weakened bone and gum tissue

While these issues stem from diabetic complications, your periodontist can take action to curb the effects. Deep cleaning and early treatment will prevent plaque from causing excessive damage, while taking good care to regulate blood sugar will also limit potential problems.

Another preventative caution is to avoid smoking. Cigarette smoke increases the chances of gum disease in people without other health complications, and it has an even more adverse effect on those with diabetes.

Treatment Options  

Dr. Kharmouche and his staff offer a number of options for treating periodontal diseases. From scaling and root planing to gum grafts, we provide options for people at all stages of this ailment. Once you have been assessed by a periodontist, you can decide which procedure is best for you and the health of your gums.

 Scheduling an Appointment  

If you have diabetes, you should be acutely aware of your gum health. Please contact our office to get more information about diseased gums and the steps you can take to ensure you are not allowing existing health conditions to affect your periodontal situation.

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