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What Can Happen If You Don’t Replace Missing Teeth

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For more reasons than just pure aesthetics, removing a missing tooth is very necessary. If left untreated you might develop a number of health issues. When all is said and done, you want to replace a missing tooth sooner rather than later before the rest of your teeth and gums sustain further damage. 

  1. Inability to Chew Certain Foods or Say Specific Words

Your entire oral framework needs to work together so you don’t have complications eating or talking. Even if there is only one tooth absent, certain functions may be impaired. For starters, depending on the location of the missing  it can be painful to chew tougher, more fibrous foods, based on where the missing tooth was located. Could also change the way you say those words.

  1. Increased Chance of Misaligned Teet

The teeth may be perfectly straight right now, but if a tooth is missing then there’s extra space to be taken into account. The accompanying teeth could reposition themselves to make up for the extra space. If that happens, filling the gap will be far tougher. First you might need to reposition your teeth, which requires more treatments and time.

  1. Jaw Bone Resorption

Your jaw bone remains healthy because of the stimulation it receives from all of the tooth roots inside it. If one root is lost then that bone portion can reabsorb back into the body. For this cause, removing a missing tooth with a dental implant is a good idea.Similar to other restorations, the difference implants have here is the fact that implants function as a permanent tooth base. The jaw bone then continues to get stimulus and has a stronger chance of remaining healthy and strong.

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