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Your Guide to Recovering After Gum Grafting Procedure

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One of the best ways to improve the look and health of your smile is to correct receding gums. Gum recession not only exposes your teeth to decay and infection, but it also adds years to your appearance. The most common method of replacing gum tissue is gum grafting. Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche recommends gum grafting in Leesburg, VA, to restore receding gum lines. While gum grafting is safe and effective, you can expect to “baby” your gums after surgery, while they heal.

How Gum Grafting Transforms Your Smile
With a connective tissue graft, Dr. Kharmouche will collect donor tissue from another section of your mouth, usually the palate. This tissue is then placed over the exposed tooth root and stitched into place, over the receding gums. The sutures maintain the position of the donor tissue while it integrates with the existing tissue. This occurs in just a few weeks. Gum grafting can be performed on one tooth or several teeth, using this same technique.

What to Expect After Your Gum Grafting Procedure

  • Antibiotics may be given to you in order to prevent infection.
  • Prescriptions may be written for some patients who feel that they have difficulty managing pain though over-the-counter medications are typically all that is needed.
  • Ice packs may be used for the first 24 hours after gum grafting to reduce any swelling. They should be wrapped in cloth before being applied to your cheek.
  • During the first day, or possibly the first few days, you will want to eat soft foods. Yogurt, mashed potatoes, or soups may be an excellent choice to prevent movement of your sutures.
  • Stay away from foods with extreme temperatures. Opt instead for lukewarm or room temperature foods and drinks.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for the first few days after gum grafting. Take this opportunity to catch up on rest. Your body needs it to heal properly.
  • Be careful not to brush your teeth at the treatment site. The tissue is vulnerable. Dr. Kharmouche will likely give you an anti-bacterial rinse to gently swish around in your mouth.

For more information about treatments to correct receding gums, call our office today. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche to learn whether you are a good candidate for gum grafting in Leesburg, VA.

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