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3 Ways All-on-4 Dental Implants Improve Speech

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Patients who need total tooth replacement options for one or both arches face serious choices, because the options available to them will have a huge impact on their quality of life in the coming years. Taking too long to decide can have implications on one’s day to day abilities, too, though. Missing teeth can lead to permanent changes in the jaw, and they also affect one’s ability to eat and to talk. Many people experiencing these symptoms for the first time worry about speech with replacement teeth, and that’s why you need to know how dental implants can help you improve your speech after drastic tooth loss.


1. Permanent Architecture in the Mouth

Implants are great for preserving and enhancing speech because they are sturdy, permanent replacements for your natural teeth that provide a permanent architecture for your mouth. That makes it easier for you to predictably form sounds with both the air flow and the tongue, because you don’t have to worry about slipping or fit changes affecting the sound of your voice or the clarity of your words.

2. They Mirror Your Original Smile

The replacements installed with your implants are based on the dental records you generated over the course of your treatment with your periodontist and other dental professionals. Basing the new teeth on your old teeth makes it easier to produce an oral architecture that will feel natural to you from day one, so you can count on sounding a lot like your old self. This also makes it easier to make words accurately and quickly, improving the versatility of your speech.

3. They Are Strong

On top of their permanence and their shape, dental implants are strong. They’re designed to take at least as much abuse as regular teeth, and they are anchored to the jaw with titanium anchors, so they won’t move over time and they won’t surprise you by weakening over time. This makes it easier to count on the other gains in your speech being permanent.

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