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4 Ways to Prevent Painful Dry Socket

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After a tooth extraction, whether a wisdom tooth or any other kind of tooth, you need to give special care to the extraction area. When you have a newly empty tooth socket, a blood clot typically forms over it to protect it. Think of the way a scab forms over a cut. The presence of this protective layer enables the area to heal. In the case of dry socket, if you lose the blood clot, or a blood clot fails to form, you’re potentially looking at a very painful condition. This is because the bone and nerves underneath the socket have become exposed.

To prevent this complication, follow Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche’s instructions thoroughly. A board-certified periodontist, he’s exceptionally skilled in all aspects of care related to tooth extraction. Rely on his guidance as a specialist to avoid dry socket in Leesburg, VA. Here are some ways you can do so:

1. Do Not Rinse Your Mouth
This will increase your chances of loosening your blood clot. Dr. Kharmouche will tell you when it’s safe to rinse your mouth out.

2. Do Not Drink Through a Straw
Doing this will create a suction in your mouth that can easily dislodge the blood clot.

3. Do Not Eat Hard, Hot, Sticky or Crumbly Foods
The best foods are soft, non-sticky ones, such as soup or mashed potatoes. Make sure your foods are not hot; they can be warm, however. Also avoid foods that may leave fragments between your teeth, such as popcorn or items with seeds.

4. DO Take All Recommended Medications
You will probably be prescribed medication for pain. Take it as directed. You may also use an icepack to minimize pain and swelling.

Don’t Let Dry Socket Hinder Your Recovery!
Call Dr. Kharmouche and the Nova Perio Specialists team now at (571) 291-2596 or schedule an appointment online for post-extraction guidance!

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