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Are You Experiencing Sensitive Teeth Caused By Receding Gums?

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Iced tea, hot coffee, and ice cream are all food items that may be off limits to you if you suffer from sensitive teeth. Extreme temperatures can cause a great deal of pain when your tooth enamel’s protective coating or periodontal tissue is compromised. Even breathing in sharply can result in discomfort. But what causes this condition? While it is possible to have a bout of hypersensitivity after using over the counter teeth whitening products, it is typically a result of gum recession brought on by gum disease.

How Does Gum Recession Begin?

Plaque and bacteria are always present in your mouth. When cleared away with proper brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings, they are kept at manageable levels. When, however, allowed to flourish, the bacteria infect the periodontal tissue, causing bleeding gums and inflammation. Eventually, the periodontal pockets widen and pull away from the teeth, creating receding gums. This results in tooth sensitivity and over time, tooth loss.

Can Sensitive Teeth Be Corrected?

The tooth sensitivity created by gum disease is entirely treatable. First Dr. Kharmouche, the periodontist in Leesburg, VA, would need to treat your gum infection before restoring periodontal tissue. Effective methods could include antibiotic therapy, deep cleanings, or periodontal surgery, depending upon the health of your gums. Once the infection has been removed, gums may be restored with grafts. Gum grafting is an effective treatment that delivers excellent results.

Benefits of Treatment

Taking care of your sensitive teeth and receding gums has many advantages. Your gums provide protection to your teeth, lessening the risk of cavities, as well as an aesthetic frame. Healthy gums contribute to a healthy smile. They also contribute to a healthy body. Research shows that gum infection can be a contributor to chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and pancreatic cancer, to name a few.

If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, you need a periodontist in Leesburg, VA, to provide early treatment. Call Dr. Kharmouche for a no obligation consultation and discover how easy it is to improve your oral health.

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