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Can You Benefit From Sleep Dentistry

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As much as you may fear going to the dentist, you should not let that anxiety cause you to neglect your dental health. Your teeth are a vital component of your life and when they are chipped, broken, discolored or missing, you will find is not quite the same or as enjoyable as it once was. To prevent your dental problems from getting out of hand, Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche recommends seeking sedation dentistry in Sterling VA.

Patients who suffer from anxieties, fears and certain health problems that make it challenging for them to seek out dental care when needed can now seek out sleep dentistry in Sterling VA. Sedation is administered by medication which helps to keep patients in a relaxed and calm mind state so they are able to tolerate their dental procedures with ease.

Sedation choices include:

Oral Sedation

Patients who are afraid of needles, have trouble becoming numb or have a slight fear or dental anxiety are able to benefit from oral sedation. Medication is provided orally via pills prior to the start of their procedures. Once relaxed, Dr. Kharmouche completes all dental work for that session.

Conscious Sedation

Patients that suffer from mild to moderate forms of anxiety and phobia can benefit from conscious sedation (intravenous sedation). The sedation puts patients in a completely relaxed and semiconscious state so they have no recollection of their experience. Medication is administered through an IV. Dr. Kharmouche monitors his patients’ vital signs while performing all required dental work.

Local Anesthetic

Patients who have a very mild fear of the dentist and want to stay awake and conscious during their visit can choose to receive a local anesthetic. The medication is administered by an injection to the gums to numb the area that needs to be worked on.

Sedation is not for everyone. Patients will need to undergo an in depth consultation and oral exam to determine if they can benefit from the use of sedation.

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