Dental Implants or Dentures?

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Are you considering dentures or dental implants in Leesburg, VA? Before you take the plunge into your dental treatment, you should know the differences between both as well as the benefits. Keep in mind, what is best for you will depend heavily on your dental health and your unique needs.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are exactly what they sound like! Your doctor will surgically place titanium implants into your jawbone and allow for them to fuse together. While you essentially attach the replica tooth externally, these implants are seen as a permanent solution. Typically, this option is best if you need to replace one tooth or a few teeth. However, some patients still opt for implants if they have multiple teeth to replace. What are the advantages of these implants?

• Your biting and chewing ability is restored to its natural state.
• You avoid uncomfortable loosening or rubbing.
• You minimize future bone loss.
• You can eat any food.
• You won’t need adhesives.
• Your supporting bone structure is stimulated and in-turn, healthy.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures aren’t as permanent as implants and are frequently used when a few or many teeth must be replaced. They can come in full or partial sets and are typically customized to fit your mouth perfectly. What are the advantages of this option?

• Minimally invasive
• Can be finished quickly
• Low upfront costs

Dr. Kharmouche also offers dentures that are supported by implants. Implant supported dentures involve placing a number of implants into the jaw, and attaching a natural-looking denture on top. This option provides stability and necessary stimulation to the jaw bone.

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