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How Can Bone Grafting Help Me In Gainesville, VA?

Missing Tooth Bone Grafted Between 2 Healthy Teeth

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The jawbone plays an important role in people’s lives. In fact, many people might not realize how important strong jawbone function can be.

Not only does the jaw determine the shape of a person’s face, but it serves as a stable anchor for their teeth. And when people lose their teeth because of tooth failure, trauma, or extraction, their jawbone starts to lose its strength because it loses part of its purpose. However, a skilled doctor can help patients restore their jawbone health with bone grafting in Gainesville, VA

What Is Bone Grafting In Gainesville, VA?

A trained doctor identifies areas of low bone density in the patients jaw. During surgery, grafting material is introduced into those low bone density areas. Over the course of several months, the grafting material fuses with the existing bone, resulting in a stronger jawbone.

Is Bone Grafting Necessary Before Getting Dental Implants?

If a patient’s jawbone lacks enough bone strength and they want to opt for single or multiple dental implants, their doctor may recommend a bone grafting treatment. Though the bone grafting procedure will add treatment time to their dental implant placement journey, it will also help them get the satisfying, beautiful, and functional smile that they deserve.

What Are Common Types Of Bone Grafting Treatments?

A trained dental professional can evaluate the patient’s situation and propose a type of bone grafting treatment that best suits their condition and case. The three types of bone grafting treatments in Gainesville, VA, that patients may hear about during their consultation with a doctor include:

Autogenous Grafts:

Some may be familiar with this type of bone grafting treatment. Autogenous grafts involve taking bone from one part of the body and grafting that bone onto the site where bone density is lowest.


What happens if patients are unable to have an autogenous graft or just want a different kind of bone grafting procedure? A xenograft could be a good fit. Xenografts take bone from nonhuman sources like cattle. One of the biggest benefits of a xenograft is that patients do not require a secondary surgical site as part of their bone grafting treatment.


The patient’s body may also be able to accept bone available through a bone bank or from a cadaver. Allografting may be a preferred bone grafting method, particularly if patients would prefer human-based bone and want to reduce the number of sites required for their bone grafting surgery.

We Can Perform Your Bone Grafting Procedure

If you have been told that you cannot get a bone grafting procedure because of bone loss in your jaw, you should come to our advanced and skilled office. Our doctors routinely help patients become candidates for dental implant surgery by performing bone grafting procedures.

Get in contact with Dr. Jean-Claude KharmoucheDr. Justin HardisonDr. Alka PanwarDr. Sanaz Vahid, and Dr. Yousuf Al-Boosi at our NOVA Perio Specialists-Periodontics and Dental Implants office in Gainesville, VA to schedule an appointment today. Your new smile awaits you!

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