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How To Handle an Emergency Tooth Extraction During Holiday Travel

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Many people enjoy traveling for the holidays to visit loved ones whom they may not see very much at other times of the year. However, going far away from home and discovering that you need a serious dental procedure such as a tooth extraction in Leesburg, VA can put a damper on the season. What can you do if you find yourself in unbearable pain while traveling for the holidays?


Find an Emergency Dentist Right Away

If you have tried everything you can think of to care for your teeth and get rid of the pain to no avail, you need to find an emergency dentist in your area. Many emergency dentists will help patients in need of emergency care even if the patient does not live in the area. The most important thing is to get treatment right away!

Discuss Your Options

The dentist may discuss different options for care. It is possible to go through a root canal or tooth extraction while on vacation. The dentist may also be able to offer short-term solutions to help you get through your travels until you can see your regular dental professional at home. Consider your options carefully before making a decision.

If the dentist does perform an extraction, root canal, or other emergency procedure, make sure you understand and carefully follow aftercare instructions to prevent any further complications.

See Your Regular Dentist When You Get Home

You should be able to arrange an appointment with your regular dentist for when you get home. As soon as you return from your holiday travels, be sure you make it to your follow-up appointment so your dentist can make sure the issue is resolved.


Get More Information at Our Office

No one wants to make an emergency trip to the dentist while traveling, but there are times when it may be necessary. If you need emergency dental services while traveling, our doctors, Dr. KharmoucheDr. HardisonDr. Barootchi, and Dr. Alka Panwar, would love to serve you as soon as possible! Contact our office in Leesburg, VA to schedule a consultation right away!

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