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National Nutrition Month: How Diet Can Affect Oral Health

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While brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist regularly are all important for a healthy mouth, eating a nutritious diet is essential as well. What you eat can have a significant effect on the health of your teeth and gums.

If you have concerns about the state of your teeth and gums, the first thing to do is contact a skilled periodontist like Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche. He can help determine the cause of gum disease and tooth decay, and create a customized treatment plan. Once your mouth is healthy again, we can keep it that way by following this list of best and worst foods for oral health.

Best Foods for a Healthy Mouth

Eating a healthy diet helps keep your teeth, gums, and entire body working properly. Hydration is essential, and it is best to drink fluoridated water as your primary beverage. Protein and calcium are essential for strong bones and teeth, and dairy products are excellent sources of both. Lean meats, nuts, and fish are other good sources of protein. Finally, vegetables contain vital nutrients and minerals and can help clean the teeth when chewed.

Damaging Foods to Avoid

Making healthy choices for your mouth also involves limiting or avoiding risky foods that can damage your tooth enamel and encourage cavities. Sugar is a common culprit, so it is best to limit your intake as much as possible. Remember to watch out for sugar in items such as:

●        Candy

●        Sweetened coffee and tea

●        Fresh and dried fruits

●        Juice and sports drinks

Acidic items can also put your teeth at risk. Limit your consumption of alcohol, fruit juices, and soda. Tobacco products weaken your teeth and can greatly increase your risk of gum disease, so avoid using them as well.

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If you have concerns about the state of your teeth and gums, call our office today. Dr. Kharmouche is highly experienced with issues concerning oral health in Leesburg, VA and can help you take the right steps to restoring your teeth and gums. Whether you need dental implants or a simple cleaning, let us help you take care of your beautiful smile.

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