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Pregnancy and Dental Health: Why You Need To See Your Periodontist

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It is often an exciting moment to learn that you will be having a baby. While experienced mothers may understand that dental health is an important part of prenatal care, it may come as a surprise to new soon-to-be moms that getting your teeth checked is an essential part of care during pregnancy. There are a few reasons why you should schedule a visit with a periodontist like Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche at Nova Perio Specialists during this exciting time of your life.

Hormones During Pregnancy Affect Your Oral Health

There is an influx of hormones that occurs during pregnancy. While this often has benefits, such as giving a woman thicker and fuller hair or a natural glow to the skin, some hormones can create an adverse effect. For example, they can alter the way the woman’s body responds to plaque, which is bacterial buildup on the teeth. This adverse reaction can amplify the progression of gum disease and even lead to gum recession.

Treatment Now Helps Prevent Complications Later

The good news is that a regular checkup with Dr. Kharmouche during pregnancy can help to prevent the complications of gum disease and recession. Proper oral care can also help prevent bacterial buildup. Seeking treatment now could also help to prevent complications following the pregnancy when dealing with the aftermath of the gum disease.

Your Baby’s Oral Health Also Starts in the Womb

When you seek periodontal care during pregnancy, it does not only affect your teeth – your baby’s dental health also starts in the womb. In fact, baby tooth buds start developing during the sixth week of pregnancy. From the food and drink you ingest to the oral care you receive, everything you do to take care of yourself also affects your baby – including the teeth.

Schedule a Visit Today

Whatever stage of pregnancy you are in, now is the perfect time to schedule a visit with your periodontist in Sterling, VA. Contact our office today to make your appointment to see Dr. Kharmouche and learn more about effective prenatal dental care.

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