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What Are Your Bleeding Gums Telling You?

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Bleeding gums can be embarrassing, but did you know they can also tell a story about the health of your mouth? It’s not uncommon for gums to bleed periodically for short periods of time, but if your gums frequently bleed, you may have an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Here are a few of the most common causes of swollen, bleeding gum tissue and what you can do about them.

 Gum disease  

Gum disease is a common condition that’s characterized by swollen gum tissue that bleeds easily. If you notice bleeding when you eat certain foods or when you floss and brush your teeth, you may have diseased gum tissue. It’s important to seek treatment as soon as you can to avoid further damage to your gum tissue and to keep bacteria from the infected tissue from potentially spreading to other areas of the body.

 Pregnancy Hormones  

Gum disease isn’t the only condition associated with bleeding and inflamed gums. When you’re pregnant, the hormones in your body change and can lead to increased gum sensitivity and inflammation. It’s estimated that approximately half of pregnant women experience tender, swollen gums that bleed easily at some point in their pregnancy. The condition is commonly referred to as pregnancy gingivitis and it occurs in part because of hormonal changes that make your gum tissue more sensitive and susceptible to the bacteria found in plaque.

 Schedule Your Treatment  

Whether your bleeding gums are caused by periodontal disease, pregnancy hormones or something else, it’s important to get the treatment you need from a skilled periodontist. Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche offers scaling and root planing services for those with the early stages of periodontal disease. He also offers periodontal maintenance to help those with gingivitis maintain good oral health and prevent gum disease progression. To learn more about these and other treatment options available to you, please contact Nova Perio Specialists in Gainesville, VA at your convenience.

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