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Alleviate Anxiety about Your Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants are a state-of-the-art replacements for tooth loss. They improve your appearance, restore your ability to chew, and enhance bone health. So why would anyone be nervous about implant dentistry?  Around 40 million Americans experience dental anxiety, whether it is due to fear of needles or a previous bad experience, most people feel anxious about a trip to the dentist*. It is, however, possible to relax and enjoy your visit for dental implants in Leesburg, VA.

Reasons You Should Feel Relaxed and Calm about Dental Implant Surgery

1.       Dental implants are performed by our trained, experienced doctors who spend a large amount of time planning the placement of your implants. Using x-rays, scans, and impressions, every nuance is considered, including the location of bone, nerves, and sinuses, as well as the force of impact when chewing.

2.       Inserting an implant post in the jaw sounds invasive and uncomfortable but in reality, the posts are small and we will use a local anesthetic to numb the soft tissue before treatment. We also offer sedation dentistry services to help you relax and even sleep through the placement of your dental implants in Leesburg, VA.

3.       Recovery after implant dentistry is surprisingly simple. Surgical incisions are minimal and most patients are able to control discomfort and inflammation with ibuprofen. Implant sites tend to heal quickly with proper care.

4.       Dental implants are the most recommended restoration method for a reason. They look and feel natural, preserve bone health, and are easy to care for.

5.       Implant patients report an improved quality of life and higher satisfaction rates than any other restoration method.

Schedule a consultation with Drs. Kharmouche and Hardison to learn more about implant dentistry. We can help you make an informed decision about your oral health and determine whether implants are right for you. We also offer sedation dentistry for a stress-free dental experience.

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