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Medications and Their Effect on Your Oral Health

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Most medications have side effects, and sometimes these side effects manifest themselves in the mouth. Fortunately, Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, a leading periodontist in , VA, can offer you guidance for managing these issues and maintaining your overall health. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then your medications may be to blame:

Dry Mouth

Numerous medications cause dry mouth, which is a notable decrease in saliva production. When you do not have enough saliva in your mouth, you are at greater risk for developing tooth decay and gum disease because bacteria cells that would normally be washed away by saliva are left on the gums. Some medications that cause dry mouth include decongestants, anti-depressants, and Parkinson’s medications.

Taste Disturbance

Has your food been tasting odd lately? Several common medications can create a bitter taste in your mouth, or even alter your ability to taste at all. These medications include anti-smoking drugs, central nervous system drugs, cardiovascular drugs, and respiratory inhalants.

Inflammation, Discoloration, and Enlarged Gums

Some medications can cause discoloration and sores on the soft tissues of the mouth. These medications include oral contraceptives and chemotherapeutic and immunosuppressant agents. People who take certain medicines for seizures, organ transplants, or heart disease are at greater risk for developing enlarged gum tissue.


People who are at risk of stroke or heart attack are often prescribed aspirin or anticoagulants to reduce their chances of developing blood clots. Reduced blood clotting can be problematic during oral surgery, so be sure to let your periodontist know what medicines you are on before you undergo any procedures.

Oral side effects from medications can be uncomfortable, but Dr. Kharmouche can offer oral hygiene strategies for keeping them under control. If you are concerned that your medications are causing oral health issues, please schedule a consultation with Nova Perio Specialists. Dr. Kharmouche and the rest of the treatment team are ready to help.

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