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National Gum Care Month: Bleeding Gums in Connection to Gum Disease

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Bleeding gums can occur due to a number of things, and each instance should be taken seriously. It is often a sign of deeper underlying issues. To ensure that you treat your case properly, it is critical that you understand why gums may bleed and proper treatment methods.

Bleeding Gums Occurrences
Bleeding gums can occur at any time. Some people may be surprised to learn that a new oral care routine could cause your gums to bleed. A new toothbrush or floss, or even a change in the way that you brush or floss could irritate your gums and cause them to bleed. Also, changes in or taking new medication could also be causes for gums to bleed. Such instances may not necessarily be dangerous; however, you may consider changing them should the bleeding continue.

Another common reason for gums to bleed is gum disease, or gingivitis. It serves as an early indicator along with:
·         bad breath
·         swollen gums
·         red gum tissue

Gingivitis can be easily treated and reversed if caught early. However, if left improperly attended it could spread deep into the tissue and become periodontitis, or periodontal disease. This can lead to greater issues that may need to be addressed by surgery. In some cases, it may even become a life-long issue and contribute to other diseases throughout the body, including diabetes.

Implementing a strong oral health regimen is key. This not only includes brushing and flossing properly and on a regular basis, but also avoiding other harmful activities when possible, such as smoking or eating certain foods that promote plaque. Seeing a professional physician twice a year for a regular checkup is also essential to protecting your mouth and staying on the right track for oral health.

At Nova Perio Specialist, we strive to assist every client at their current state to reach their desired oral health goals and prevent gum disease in the Leesburg, VA area. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Kharmouche and the rest of the knowledgeable staff would love the opportunity to meet with you and to help you determine the right path to meet your goals.

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