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Comparing Your Full Arch Tooth Replacement Options

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If you have missing teeth in Leesburg, VA, you have multiple tooth replacement options. Not all provide the same level of benefits, however. Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, our experienced periodontist, discusses the different solutions you can choose, including full mouth dental implants.

Removable Dentures
Traditional dentures have been an option for missing teeth for decades. They can successfully bring back smile aesthetics and about 10 percent of biting and chewing power. Dentures are a cost-effective and quick option, but they aren’t often an ideal long-term choice. They do not address bone loss that occurs without teeth and often attributes to an accelerated resorption process.

Implant Supported Dentures
Implant supported dentures provide a hybrid solution between real teeth and dentures. This option uses two or more dental implants secured in the jawbone to provide support for denture teeth. Implant supported dentures improve function for biting and chewing foods. Their stability also helps improve confidence with teeth that won’t slip or fall out.

All-on-4® Dental Implants
All-on-4 full mouth dental implants provide the greatest health, functional, and aesthetic benefits. They are comprised of four or more dental implants stabilized in the jawbone onto which a fixed bridge of teeth is permanently attached. Full mouth dental implants return over 99 percent of biting and chewing power, allowing you to eat any type of food comfortably and without fear your teeth will fall out. They also provide the greatest level of natural aesthetics as the fixed set of teeth are custom designed for each patient. The only permanent option, full mouth dental implants can also improve both oral and overall health, while restoring confidence and happiness!

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