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Get a New Smile for the New Year with Esthetic Crown Lengthening

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If you’ve always felt self-conscious about your small teeth and “gummy” smile in Leesburg VA, the new year is a great time to revamp your look! Updating your smile can be as simple as creating a more even and balanced gumline. Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, our experienced periodontist, welcomes you for esthetic crown lengthening in Leesburg, VA.


How Crown Lengthening Works

Esthetic crown lengthening involves removing a portion of the gum tissues and sometimes bone so that more of the tooth crowns show when you smile. This process is completed with local anesthetic though you can choose to receive sedation if you feel anxious about your procedure. Esthetic crown lengthening for a “gummy” smile in Leesburg, VA requires the expert eye of a trained periodontist like Dr. Kharmouche. To produce the most attractive and symmetrical outcome, the gums must be carefully recontoured over each tooth to match surrounding teeth perfectly.

What to Expect with Crown Lengthening

Like all soft tissue surgeries, crown lengthening will require a brief healing period. However, you can expect the results of your treatment to show soon after your procedure. Your teeth will look longer, though this is achieved only by removing some of your gums and bone. A better tooth-to-gum ratio will be established as well, giving you a more natural and beautiful smile overall.

Benefiting from “Gummy” Smile Treatment

  • Feel confident and attractive in your smile
  • Enjoy better smile proportions
  • Improve dental health
  • Have a more symmetrical gum line
  • No need for re-treatment


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Don’t let a “gummy” smile in Leesburg, VA keep you from living a confident and healthy life this year! Treat yourself to a smile upgrade with esthetic crown lengthening from our periodontists, Dr. KharmoucheDr. HardisonDr. Barootchi, and Dr. Alka Panwar. Schedule your consultation online or by calling (571) 918-9634 today.

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