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Leading Causes of Bad Breath

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Everyone will experience bad breath from every now and then but there are regular routines that can cause your bad breath happen more frequently. If you want to keep your breath fresher every day, make sure that those habits that are known to make this issue worse are reduced or eliminated. You will find an improvement in no time.

Hygiene, Beverages, and Tobacco

Bad daily dental hygiene, heavily colored beverages such as coffee and red wine and the use of cigarettes are three main causes of bad breath. Here’s what’s to know about every one of these triggers:

  • Brushing and flossing removes contaminants of food in your mouth that promote bacteria growth on your teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongues. Though this bacteria is often harmless, as bad-smelling byproducts are produced to thrive in the contaminated area. However, left unchecked, oral bacteria may cause inflammation of the gum tissue and other symptoms of periodontal disease. Thoroughly erasing the food particles of which bad-smelling bacteria feast on and preventing their accelerated growth.
  • Coffee, black tea, and red wine may be a good counterpoint to a meal but they can dry out the mouth, allowing the perfect environment to spring into action for bacteria that cause halitosis. Although breath mints or mouthwash can momentarily freshen the air, the right course of action is to brush your teeth thoroughly following each meal.
  • Tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco) creates a thin layer of terrible-smelling substances in your body. These contaminants contribute their own odor to the bad breath caused by a dry mouth climate. Breath mints and brushing your teeth can help, but the best way to avoid this problem is to minimize the use of tobacco products.

Helping You Improve Oral Health

Along with improving dental hygiene at home, daily teeth brushing and examinations may help improve your mouth’s health; this may stop bad breath before it begins. Dental inspections may also expose any underlying medical conditions which may lead to this issue. If you have any questions regarding bad breath, contact our offices in Leesburg or Sterling, Virginia to schedule an appointment with our expert dental team.

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