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What Is Periodontal Maintenance And How Can It Help Me In Leesburg, VA?

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Many adults are told that they have active gum disease every year. To keep gum disease from destroying the structures of a person’s mouth, they should work with a skilled periodontist to create a gum disease management plan. Part of that management plan should include periodontal maintenance in Leesburg, VA.

While periodontal maintenance is a common type of treatment, it is also an important treatment for people to get when they have active gingivitis or periodontitis.


Why Should I Get Periodontal Maintenance If I Have Gum Disease?

Even when people have active gum disease, they may not fully understand why it can be such a problem for their oral and overall health. The issue is that gum disease is an infection. Bacteria grow and develop in the hidden areas between the gums and teeth. The longer the bacteria are allowed to attack a person’s gums, teeth, and jawbone, the worse the problem can get.

Without intervention as well as a periodontal maintenance plan, people’s gum disease will not improve. There is no at-home way to get rid of gum disease. However, periodontal therapy can play an important role in preventing gum disease progression through the use of gum evaluation and targeted cleanings.

What Does Periodontal Maintenance Procedures Involve?

Before a patient’s periodontal maintenance in Leesburg, VA, can begin, a periodontist can evaluate the patient’s specific situation and determine how best to manage their gum disease.

After determining which stage of gum disease the patient is experiencing, the periodontist can lay out a customized periodontal maintenance plan to successfully reduce their risk of losing teeth or of getting certain systemic conditions.

After the periodontist creates the patient’s individualized periodontal maintenance treatment plan, the patient can come into the advanced office for regular periodontal maintenance appointments.

Typically, periodontal maintenance appointments will include deeper cleanings above and below the patients gum line. The cleanings help destroy active bacteria colonies and keep tartar and plaque from building up in the periodontal pockets.


Control Your Gum Disease With Periodontal Maintenance In Leesburg, VA

If you have any of the signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums, bad-smelling gums, puffy gums, or tender gums, contact a trusted periodontist right away. The sooner your gum disease is identified and taken care of, the sooner you can get on a proper periodontal maintenance schedule.

Our knowledgeable and skilled team relies on the latest tools and protocols to ensure patients with gum disease can confidently restore their oral health, function, and aesthetics.

If you are ready to take action against your active gum disease, you should come to our modern office. Get in contact with Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche and our exceptional team at our NOVA Perio Specialists-Periodontics and Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today!

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