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Why Should I See A Periodontist About My Crown Lengthening Procedures In , VA?

a patient smiling and pointing at his teeth in a mirror after he has gotten a crown lengthening procedure.

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There are two main types of crown lengthening procedures in , VA, that people can get. One is an esthetic crown lengthening procedure, which is performed for cosmetic reasons to make the teeth appear longer and cure the “gummy” smile look. The other is a functional crown lengthening procedure, which is more of a restorative procedure that promotes better tooth, gum, bone, and general oral health.

When performed by a skilled periodontist, either type of crown lengthening procedure can help patients maintain the beauty and viability of their teeth.


When Do I Need To See A Periodontist For My Crown Lengthening Procedure In VA?

When people have a cracked tooth or a tooth that has a lot of decay below the gum line that can’t be restored because it can’t be reached, a crown lengthening procedure may be needed. Crown lengthening treatments enable a practiced periodontist to see and address more of the patients tooth structure.

At the same time, the periodontist will be able to adjust the patient’s soft tissues so that they more adequately protect the patient’s teeth. If the patient’s teeth need to be smoothed or reshaped to further promote long-term success, that process can be done during the crown lengthening procedure.

The main goal of a crown lengthening procedure is to save the patients teeth in a way that makes them feel and look their best.

What To Expect When A Periodontist Is Performing A Crown Lengthening Procedure

During a crown lengthening procedure, the periodontist will manipulate the gum-to-tooth ratio surgically. Using specialized tools, the periodontist will carefully reshape the gum tissue and bone.

The result is more of the tooth crown will be exposed. This not only makes the teeth look longer, but it can allow for better access to a damaged tooth. It is much easier for a periodontist to restore a tooth if more of the tooth is exposed.

Why Are Periodontists Well-Suited For Crown Lengthening Surgeries?

Periodontists are some of the best-trained doctors to turn to for any type of crown lengthening surgery. This is because periodontists receive years of extra training after attending and completing dental school. They have a deep understanding of the soft and hard tissues of the mouth, as well as the interplay between those structures.

No matter how complex a patient’s crown lengthening procedure may be, a periodontist will have the knowledge and experience to make wise decisions during the surgery. This, in turn, will make the patient feel confident that their smile will remain healthy, be properly supported, and give them the full functionality (and visual appeal!) that they want and deserve.


Come To Us For Your Crown Lengthening Procedure In , VA

If you are considering having a functional or aesthetic crown lengthening procedure to fix your imperfect smile, we invite you to come to our advanced office. Our team of professionals bring both expertise and artistry to every crown lengthening surgery procedure case that they perform.

Your smile and overall oral stability are in great hands with us. Don’t wait to improve the look and function of your smile. Get in contact with Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche and our team of professionals at our NOVA Perio Specialists-Periodontics and Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today!

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