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What You Need to Know About Diabetes and Your Gums

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Diabetes is an increasingly significant problem in this country with millions of people experiencing a host of health problems related to the condition. It can affect many different systems in the body, including your oral health. Many patients who have problems with swollen or bleeding gums may have already developed gum disease. Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche is a periodontist who offers relief from this painful oral condition. If you are looking for a provider who understands the unique challenges of diabetes in Leesburg, VA, we can help.

Be Aware This November

While it is important to recognize the symptoms of diabetes all year long, in November during National Diabetes Awareness Month, we urge our patients to get checked out with their primary care doctor if they suspect something is wrong. Patients with diabetes who are not controlling their symptoms may be putting themselves at risk to develop more complications throughout their body.

Diabetics Are at an Increased Risk

Diabetics, like patients with other chronic health conditions, can have an increased risk of dental problems. You can help keep your mouth in great condition by keeping up with regular brushing and flossing habits. You should also have regular visits with your dental care provider to evaluate your overall oral health.

Find Out What to Do

If you have experienced problems with your gums, such as bleeding, swelling or pain, that may be a sign of gingivitis or periodontal disease. Ignoring these problems could lead to the disease advancing and causing tooth loss. People with diabetes, or other conditions, must be vigilant in looking for these signs of gum disease. When you take action right away, your dental care provider can often help reverse these symptoms.

If you are concerned about how your diabetes may impact your oral health, contact us today. Dr. Kharmouche and his staff can provide you with more information about this disease and its effects on your oral health.

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