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Why You Should See a Periodontist

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More than ever, individuals and families are taking charge of their healthcare. They want to ensure that their bodies stay in the best possible condition for life, and that can mean setting up appointments with a trained, trusted periodontist in Leesburg, VA. Patients visit Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche to help them manage a range of concerns. They recognize that having healthy teeth and gums can lead to better overall physical wellbeing, not to mention a reduced risk of systemic conditions.

Why a Periodontist?

Periodontists are dentists who have undergone years of additional training. Focused on issues surrounding the gums and teeth, they work with patients to save teeth and gums from periodontal disease. Patients who have already lost teeth may choose to consult a periodontist about receiving dental implants. Two major benefits to seeing a periodontist in Leesburg, VA fall under the categories of prevention and restoration.

Preventing Progressive Gum Disease

One of the major roles a periodontist plays is in diagnosing and treating gum disease. Ideally, patients experiencing the initial stages of gum disease, called gingivitis, should take immediate action. The earlier gingivitis is addressed, the lower the chances that it will progress to more advanced periodontal disease. Warning signs of gingivitis include red gums, bleeding gums, tender gums, bad breath and swollen gums. These indicators may point to the presence of excessive bacteria in the periodontal pockets. Using specialized equipment and procedures, a periodontist can remove the bacteria and encourage healthy gum tissue to reattach.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Patients missing one or more teeth can also get an advantage from consulting with a periodontist about dental implant placement. Dental implants provide stable, nearly permanent replacements for lost teeth. As an alternative to dental bridges and traditional dentures, they are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement.

Visiting a Periodontist

Anyone can make an appointment with a periodontist in Leesburg, VA to get more information about the best ways to maintain excellent oral health. Dr. Kharmouche’s office can be reached by calling (571) 918-9634.

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